Webperformance adds Reed Gourmet to its new clients


Reed Gourmet among Webperformance’s new clients

Reed Gourmet is a high-level website, dedicated to professionals, gourmets and all users interested in cooking, baking, bread-making and ice cream-making.

reed gourmetThe website is the fruit of the experience of Reed Gourmet, the food division of Reed Business Information, publisher of magazines such as  Grande Cucina, Il Pasticcere, Il Panificatore Italiano and Il Gelatiere Italiano, as well as many prestigious book series dedicated to recipes, cooking techniques and preparation methods.

For Reed Gourmet, we have launched a Real-Time Bidding banner campaign, targeted at food and beverage websites. Our campaign revolves around an exclusive offer: 4 specially priced volumes featuring recipes by renowned cooks, available on Reed Gourmet’s online shop. Our campaign will last until the end of December, and is getting good results in terms of generated impressions and clicks.