Vouchers to be granted to SMEs that invest in digitalisation


“Destination Italy”: non-repayable loans for the enterprises investing in the digital field

Last  December, the Counsel of Ministry approved the decree “Destination Italy”, aimed at relaunching the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country, fostering their digitalisation and technological modernisation.

The decree prescribes that non-repayable loans are allocated in the form of vouchers worth up to 10.000 euros, for a total amount of 100 million euros.

The vouchers can be invested in the purchase of software, hardware, services for the improvement of business efficiency, development of e-commerce solutions and qualified training in the ICT field.

The adoption of wideband and ultra-wideband connectivity from 30 Mb up will be also promoted through financial incentives: a 65% allowance for a maximum amount of 20.000 euros has been introduced for interventions on fixed and mobile networks.

This decree is going to prove very helpful for Italian SMEs, as digitalisation is likely to enable them to benefit from new opportunities and to be more competitive on the market. In fact, as of today only 34% of Italian SMEs has a website, and only 13% uses it to sell their products online, Google says.

The single regions will be responsible for defining the modalities of request and distribution of the subsidies.