Our new free guide to lead generation is online


Webperformance launches its “Guide to Lead Generation”

Our new white paper is titled “A Guide to Lead Generation. 25 Successful Case Studies for the Generation of New Online Customers” and addresses the issue of the collection of qualified databases of potential customers (leads), which represents one of the main purposes of online marketing.

Guida alla Lead GenerationThe collection of qualified leads, in fact, enables companies to reach, at a second stage, those users who have previously shown an interest in their products or services: sending them ad-hoc messages, such as dedicated emails and newsletters, companies can turn them into new customers.

The guide delves into 25 successful case studies, spotlighting the main methods adopted to pursue the goal of lead generation: prize competitions, free gifts, coupons, tests, gamification, selling point, customised sale and time-limited offers and b2b strategies.

For each case study, the guide lists business goals, target, typology of online operation, mechanisms and channels, as well as the recorded results and the strengths of the whole strategy.

The selected case studies comprise some projects realised by our own company and other examples from the national or international scene where creativity and effectiveness were successfully combined for the purposes of lead collection.

After our Guide to Performance-based Web Marketing and our Guide to Real Time Bidding, we are glad to provide companies with a new useful tool for profitable online investment.