Online advertising: + 11,5% in 2012


The online advertising market is growing, AdEx Benchmark study says

In spite of the economic crisis, in 2012 the online advertising market recorded a 11,5% growth, equivalent to 24,3 billion euros.

adexThe protagonists of this development are the video and mobile devices: the former registered a 50,6% increase (around 661,9 billion euros), the latter a 78,3% increase (around 392 billion euros).

These are the data emerged from the AdEx Benchmark 2012 report, presented by IAB Europe on the occasion of Interact 2013, a yearly conference dedicated to the development of digital communication on European and international level.

The growing success of online advertising is due to the migration of resources which were previously invested in the traditional media, as well as to the variety and the flexibility which are intrinsic to online advertising.

For further information, please read this article. IAB members can request the full presentation of the AdeX Benchmark 2012 study for free, sending an email to email [email protected]