New service: video campaigns


Webperformance adds video campaigns to the range of its services

Webperformance launchs its new video campaign service, which enables companies to broadcast their commercials not only on TV, but also on the Internet, thus enhancing brand perception.

campagne videoThe available typologies are pre-roll and full-screen video ads (interstitials or pop-unders) and video banners (overlay banners and 300×250 banners above the fold). In all of them, the positioning of the video ensures a higher visibility and a greater involvement of users than traditional banner campaigns do.

To publish their video ads, companies can either choose some websites of Webperformance’s network, such as, and, which register around 1,5 million video impressions per month, or purchase pre-roll or in-banner video ads on a real-time bidding basis.

The latter system allows companies to access unsold advertising spaces of Italian and foreign premium websites, as to reach only the most interested users by means of audience-based targeting or to carry out retargeting campaigns.

If the company does not have any video ad, Webperformance can create customised video ads like these on a low budget, drawing on professional video libraries.

Video campaigns represent an excellent opportunity for all those companies that are looking for an online advertising strategy that is more effective than traditional ones.