First communication seminar on “Society and Politics”


Webperformance among the protagonists of the seminar “Society and Politics. Communication changes”

From October 10th to 13th, Gabicce Mare hosted the first communication course on “Society and Politics”, which we have been invited to attend as speakers.

Corso comunicazioneWe were glad to bring our experience in the field of online communication, along with big names such as journalist Stafano Folli, psychiatrist Paolo Crepet and photographer Oliviero Toscani.

The seminar, promoted by the Rome Consorzio Meuccio Ruini and patronised by the Association of Journalists of the Marche, appealed to communication professionals, such as press agents, press offices, public bodies and institutions, party secretariats, trade unions, social and health organisations, as well as communication and marketing divisions of businesses and corporations, clubs and public and private associations.

The seminar was an opportunity for meeting and debate, where communication – in particular political communication – was presented as a “social mission” which, far from being enslaved to propagandist or personal purposes must, on the contrary, find a code of conduct of its own.