eCommerce Exchange: Webperformance introduces a useful and free service for e-commerce websites


eCommerce Exchange: a new free service to improve the revenues of e-commerce websites

Online shops can now increase their own revenues, joining a free e-commerce network whose purpose is the mutual promotion of the commercial offers of all its members.

ecommerce XThe e-commerce websites which joined this innovative network, called eCommerce Exchange, have so far registered excellent results in terms of clicks and conversions.

The main idea around which the whole network revolves is quite simple: users buy a product from one of the websites of the network and, in return, they are given the opportunity to choose among the different offers of other member websites.

Benefits are countless: higher online visibility; focus on a target group that is familiar with online purchases; gain on sales generated for the partners (a 70% commission on each sold product); improvement of the customers’ buying experience; reassertion of the positive reputation of all member businesses. 

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