Webperformance is ListArmor’s exclusive dealer


News! Webperformance is ListArmor’s exclusive dealer in Italy

From now on, the innovative software ListArmor is also available to Italian companies: ListArmor is designed to make the management of DEM campaigns cheaper and more effective, removing certain lists of non-relevant email addresses.

ListArmorThis user-friendly service is provided by Webperformance, exclusive dealer in Italy, and data security is guaranteed.

Businesses that subscribe to the service have access to a personal panel, where they can upload one or more lists of users to remove in MD5 encrypted format, and share them with the publishers who are responsible for sending DEM messages.

These lists might comprise, for example, those users who have already become customers, or those who have unsubscribed from previous advertising campaigns. The manifold advantages include a saving on advertising costs and a decrease in the unsubscribe rate and spam flagging.

Publishers, in turn, can access a panel of their own, from which they can dowload these lists, as to remove them from the database of users who will receive the DEM messages. Alternatively, they can upload their own database and remove the non-relevant addresses working directly on the panel. As has been previously mentioned, data are downloaded and uploaded in MD5 encrypted format, and they are therefore anonymised, as to guarantee privacy.

The service only costs 99 euros per month, plus a small set-up fee. Subscriptions are free from time restrictions. ListArmor is therefore an effective device through which businesses and publishers can improve their DEM activities.