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Nuovo database: Assicuroweb

Nuovo database: Assicuroweb Assicuroweb è un database di Webperformance, raccolto tramite il comparatore di assicurazioni auto presente sul sito


Webperformance to perform the online launch of

News! Launch campaign for We recently welcomed among our customers, a new online shop selling competitively-priced menswear. On


NEW! DEM and facebook campaign for Belvedere SPA

Online launch campaign for the “Country Estates” project for Belvedere SPA A few days ago, we have launched an online


New customer: MoneyFarm

DEM performance-based campaign for MoneyFarm MoneyFarm, the only online financial counseling society in Italy, entrusted us with the online launch


New customer: Casa Futura

Casa Futura: the launch campaign During the month of January, we have been dealing with the launch of the new


New customer: Stroili Oro

Stroili Oro joins the list of Webperformance’s customers In the last period, we have been working on the realisation of


New client:

The online campaign is about to start Smartika is a new social lending website which allows private users to


Nuova dem platform: MagNews

Webperformance’s databases on the MagNews platform Since October 1st, the email databases licensed to Webperformance have been hosted by a


Webperformance is ListArmor’s exclusive dealer

News! Webperformance is ListArmor’s exclusive dealer in Italy From now on, the innovative software ListArmor is also available to Italian