Nuova dem platform: MagNews


Webperformance’s databases on the MagNews platform

Since October 1st, the email databases licensed to Webperformance have been hosted by a new platform, MagNews, which is one of the most important platforms in Italy for the management of email marketing campaigns.

MagNewsMagNews allows an easier and more complete management of databases, as well as improving the performances of our campaigns. The main features of this platform are listed below:

– possibility of running A/B tests on subject lines, senders and advertising strategies;

– a calendar for planning the transmission of messages: this tool simplifies the management of all your contacts;

– black list management and a dedicated IP for the transmission of DEM messages. This allows an increase in the deliverability rate, namely in the capability of actually delivering the emails which have been sent;

– highly detailed reports, which are available for each campaign, each message sent and each database. These reports include data on the device, the email client and the over-time trend of openings and clicks, thus allowing users to plan the best possibile strategies for future campaigns and message transmission;

– prompt and competent assistance provided by the MagNews staff.