New customer: Stroili Oro


Stroili Oro joins the list of Webperformance’s customers

In the last period, we have been working on the realisation of a Direct Email Marketing campaign for a new customer: we are talking about Stroili Oro, the largest chain of jewellery stores in Italy, which can boast outlets in 350 shopping malls all over the country and in the city center of the main cities.

Stroili OroThis pay-per-click campaign was centred on a Christmas promotion offering a 40% discount on gold and diamonds.

We have designed the campaign in such a way that those who clicked on the email could download the money-off coupon and use it in the Stroili Oro stores. This allowed us to reach the first goal of the campaign, which consisted in attracting potential customers to the retail outlets of the chain.

The campaign, though, pursued a second goal as well, namely the creation of an email database. To reach this purpose, the landing page featured the incentive of a further 5% discount for those users who would subscribe to the Stroili Oro newsletter.

The results exceeded our own expectations, as the campaign recorded a very high click rate and conversion rate.