New client:


The online campaign is about to start

Smartika is a new social lending website which allows private users to ask for and grant  loans, thus providing an excellent alternative to banks.

SmartikaLoan requests can be submitted directly online, getting a reply within a few minutes. Users can ask for loans up to 15.000 euros, which can be repaid in 12, 24, 35 or 48 months. Interest rates are very competitive, as they cost an average 25% less than loans offered by  traditional lending institutions.

For Smartika, we have developed an online strategy aimed at advertising the brand and the service, as well as  generating contact requests.

We have realised CPL Direct Email Marketing campaigns, with DEM and dedicated landing pages, and CPC Web Content Marketing campaigns launched on news and economics websites.

The generic b2c target audience was reached by messages emphasising the strengths of the service offered by Smartika: as well as being innovative, competitive and easy to use, it ensures a quick response to loan requests.

The campaign has just been launched, and has so far recorded very satisfactory results.