Discovering America with Giordano Vini


After Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK, we take Giordano Vini to the US

In November, Giordano Vini’s advertising campaign will be extended to the United States, and in particular to New York, New Jersey, Florida and Virginia.

giordano vini landing pageWe planned an ad hoc, competitively priced offer, which includes DEM, display advertising, Google Adwords and landing pages, targeted at the four above-mentioned countries.

We have been collaborating with Giordano Vini since 2010. We conducted their campaigns in Italy, and took them to Germany and the UK. More recently, in July 2012, we took up a very demanding challenge, accepting to promote our client in France, famously the home of good wine. Results were, and still are, excellent, in terms of both click conversion rate and number of monthly orders.