Click-to-lead: a new campaign for


A new click-to-lead campaign for

During the month of June, Webperformance carried out a DEM campaign on a click-to-lead basis, aimed at collecting subscriptions to the newsletter of the e-commerce website.

Drugstore dem click to leadThe innovative click-to-lead model combines a Direct Email Marketing campaign on a cost-per-click basis and a performance-based campaign on a pay-per-lead basis. DEM messages feature a pre-completed form, which saves users the trouble of entering their own email addresses, allowing them to subscribe with one simple click.

The campaign has recorded excellent click-through rates: in only 2 weeks, 3000 subcriptions were collected. New subscribers were offered a money-off coupon worth 5 euros, which they could use to buy any product from the range.

For the whole month of June, offered free shipping on orders over 99 euros, as to encourage subscribers to use their coupons.