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Campagne banner “Smart” ad alta performance

Nuovo formato banner “Smart” Da oggi è possibile acquistare il traffico del network di Webperformance in un nuovo formato banner


Campagne banner ad alta visibilità

Nuovo formato banner per campagne display ad alta visibilità Webperformance ha recentemente lanciato, per il proprio network di siti, un


New! GRP Evaluation on real time bidding display campaigns

Gross Rating Point Evaluation on real time bidding display campaigns The Real time bidding platform (enabling to buy display traffic


News! Masthead banner standard

New display format: Masthead banner. Webperformance network websites just started offering a new format with a banner size of 970×250


Real Time Bidding New Campaign

Real Time Bidding Campaign for Incomedia Last week we launched a Real Time Bidding banner campaign to promote WebSite X5.


New RTB customer: PhotoSì

Real Time Bidding: PhotoSì joins the list of our customers Last November, we launched a new Real Time Bidding display


Webperformance for Vodafone

Vodafone renews its business plan with Webperformance Our collaboration with Vodafone, which started at the beginning of 2013, has extended


Webperformance to sponsor IAB SEMINAR REAL TIME BIDDING

IAB SEMINAR: Webperformance to sponsor the Real Time Bidding edition On the next July 4th, the IAB Seminar will take


NEW! Slider: higher visibility for your display campaigns

The new Slider banner ad increases the visibility of your display campaigns It is called Slider and ensures higher visibility