News! Real Time Bidding available for pre-roll video advertising campaigns


Real Time Bidding allows you to attract traffic to your pre-roll videos at competitive prices

Real Time Bidding, a purchase system of quality advertising spaces at competitive prices, is now available not only for banner ads, but also for video banner ads.

Guida al Real Time BiddingThe mechanism is the same: the websites recording unsold advertising spaces can put them up for sale on the Real Time Bidding platform and we can purchase them, attending real-time auctions and obtaining impressions at reasonable prices.

This purchase method offers further advantages: the websites owning these advertising spaces belong to big editorial groups, which will allow you to target your audience.

Finally, you can choose between two compensation methods: the classic CPM or the CPV. If you choose to pay on a CPV basis, you will only be charged for views lasting for at least 80% of the whole duration of the video.