New clients: Hörmann and Novamood


Hörmann and Novamood join the list of Webperformance’s clients

Among Webperformance’s new clients there are Hörmann and Novamood.

Hörmann is a leading company in Europe, highly specialised in the production of doors, front gates, integrated closure systems and technologically advanced automation for the fields of housing, industry and logistics.

Hörmann has been operating on the national territory for over 50 years: by virtue of its pervasive network of over 80 branches, 400 dealers and 80 customer care centres, it can guarantee the highest efficiency and professionalism, promptly meeting its clients’ needs.

For Hörmann we have launched a RTB display campaign, targeted at the visitors of websites dedicated to home, design and architecture, to promote the range of front gates and main doors at a discounted price. 

Novamood is a new e-commerce website, which was born at the end of April 2013, dealing with the trade of fashion accessories, such as scarfs, neckerchiefs, bracelets, hairbands etc. Our customer has entrusted us with the launch of its website through a DEM campaign targeted at women: new clients are offered a discount ticket.


An image of Hörmann’s landing page.










The DEM message realised for Novamood.