Guide to Lead Generation

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Some of the aspects addressed by the guide:

  • Generating leads through competitions/prize draws
  • Generating leads through free gifts
  • Generating leads through discount coupons
  • Generating leads through quizzes
  • Generating leads through gamification
  • Generating leads at the point of sale
  • Generating leads through one-to-one, limited-availability sales
  • Generating leads through B2B

Executive summary

One marketing objective all businesses share – including your own business, presumably – is to cultivate potential new clients.

But what’s the best way to do this? One way is to conduct an online B2C or B2B lead generation campaign. A variety of approaches are possible. Once you’ve generated your leads, the next step is to send them ad hoc marketing content. Over time, some of these leads will become new clients.

In this guide we explain the principal lead generation strategies used in Italy and around the world, examining 25 success stories at home and abroad.