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Some of the aspects addressed by the guide:

  • the omnichannel concept and user experience
  • today’s point of sale and rapport with clients
  • DTS: strategies, techniques and technologies
  • when to conduct a DTS campaign
  • payment systems and footfall
  • the point of sale of the future
  • case study

Executive summary

The way we use the web is constantly changing. These days, it’s no longer merely a question of being online. We act and make decisions and buy things online. In short, we live online. Living means needing, and needing means wanting: to do – and visit – and get to know – and see – and buy.

Most of these needs can be met via the web itself. But when it comes to selling, sometimes we need to attract consumers to a bricks-and-mortar store.

The user, the omnichannel concept, the technology, the opportunity to purchase. In-depth knowledge of these aspects allows retailers to devise efficient strategies for bringing consumers to their physical points of sale.