Harmont & Blaine

User Experience e Return on Investment

Harmont&Blaine: famous Italian brand founded in Naples in 1995, it produces, markets and distributes high quality upper casual clothing for men, women and children, distinguished by the famous dachshund logo.

Needs: To improve their digital presence with particular attention to the image and perception of the brand; increase the e-commerce turnover; organic domain positioning for 6 languages.

KPI’s: Revenues, Conversions, AOV, ROI.

Channels: Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube e Display.

What we did: The project was managed in an integrated way by all the Webperformance teams, the client and the e-commerce provider teams and was divided into several phases. After the e-commerce migration to a new CMS, campaigns were managed on all major digital channels: Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Display. The definition of an omnichannel funnel was the challenge that allowed us to achieve excellent results worldwide.

Markets: Italy, United States, ROW.

* In this campaign, we helped Harmont & Blaine choose and optimize the best campaigns to ensure high traffic performance and conversion in sponsorships.