Giordano Vini

Acquisizione nuovi clienti

Giordano Vini historic Italian company, specialized in the production and mail-order sale of wines and food specialties. Together with Provinco Italia S.p.a. – belonging to the Italian Wine Brands, it is the first Italian group in the wine sector to be listed on the stock exchange. The company boasts 1 million customers in Italy and Europe.

Needs: acquiring new customers, in Italy and Europe, by promoting the brand and retaining users who have already purchased Giordano Vini products by increasing traffic to the website and e-commerce


Markets: Italy, Germany, France, England, Austria, Belgium, Spain and Netherlands.

What we did: Increased the acquisition of new customers by 160% compared to 2019, through the use of engaging creativity on social media channels and email marketing; increased traffic to the website using cross-channel strategies; opened the market to the B2B sector in Italy for Christmas.

Channels: Facebook, Google Ads, Display Adv, DEM, SEO, Lead Nurturing e marketing automation, performance marketing, web design e copywriting.