Brand Awareness

D1 MILANO: is an Italian watch company, now distributed in 31 countries through directly managed stores, in some of the most renowned shopping centers in the world and over 650 stores. D1 Milano watches stand out from the competition for their colours, materials and unexpected details. More than just watches, they represent a creative idea with a timeless character.

Needs: Increase brand awareness; improve the quality of traffic by intercepting a more profiled and targeted audience with the brand needs, increasing the overall revenues generated by paid channels.

KPI’s: Revenues, CR%, CTR%, CPA, CPL, reach, cost per content view, cost per session.

Markets: Asia, Europe, United States.

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Bing Ads.

What we did: we defined a multi-channel strategy, aimed at achieving the set goals with a focus on the social world. Through our work, we reduced costs per result, both for awareness and consideration campaigns; we took care of the campaigns restructuring, enhancing each touch point through personalized messages and interactive formats, tailored to the identified audience; we dedicated ourselves to the generation of qualified leads on the main markets of interest. We increased revenues and reduced overall CPA.

* In these campaigns we helped D1 Milano to identify the most suitable images for each goal, providing best practices and audience insights based on the restructuring of the Facebook account.