Brand Awareness

Awlab: is the Italian retailer of the Urban Sport Style market, belonging to the Bata Group. The network has a vast number of stores throughout Italy, and in other foreign markets (mainly Spain and Singapore) and a multilingual online shop.

Needs: Create a strong community of Sneakers Addicted and a loyal user base, to improve the quality of e-commerce traffic and lower the cost of acquisition, increasing the awareness and involvement of marketing initiatives.

KPI’s: Reach; Cost per landing Page View; Post Interactions, CTR%.

Channels: Instagram, Facebook, TiktTok, Youtube.

What we did: Increased the brand awareness rate using immersive and engaging creativity; engaged the user through a cross-channel strategy, using new formats and catalog products; maintained a high rate of Engagement Rate of social profiles.

Markets: Italy, Spain, Czech Republic.

* In this campaign we helped Aw Lab to choose and optimize the best campaigns to ensure high traffic performance and conversion in sponsorships