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Web Marketing Case History

Check out some success case history about performance campaigns, DEM, Display, SEM, SEO & Web Analytics, SMM, oppure Multicanale.


Industry: Big Organized Distribution - Household appliances

Customer: Kitchenaid

Objective: launching the blog Serious About Food and promoting the e-commerce to achieve visibility and brand awareness, but also to increase the number sales and newsletter subscribers.


Real Time Bidding: campaign display on the cooking sites of the Real Time Bidding circuit of Webperformance.

Examples of sites used:

  • www.allrecipes.co.uk
  • www.cuisineaz.com
  • www.bbcgoodfood.com
  • www.giallozafferano.it
  • www.buonissimo.org
  • www.ptitchef.com
  • www.frag-mutti.de
  • www.usakulinarisch.de

SEM e SMM: Campaigns paid by PPC

Tools: Keyword Advertising, Google Shopping, Facebook and RTB display.


Markets and targets: Italy, Germany, France, UK.

Total duration: from 2013 to date, with positive growth trend in organic terms (+20-25% a year).


Industry: Logistics and Supply Chain

Customer: Nexive

Objective: acquiring new prospects interested in the Complete System, Simple Recommendation, Certain Formula and Multi-formula services.


Real Time Bidding: display campaign in Real Time Bidding. Examples of sites used:

  • www.milanofinanza.it
  • www.ebay.it
  • www.corriere.it
  • www.bakeka.it
  • www.soldielavoro.it
  • www.subito.it

SEM: campaign to promote services with an ad hoc landing page paid by PPC.

Tools: Keyword Advertising, LinkedIn and Web Content Marketing.

DEM: email marketing campaign paid by a CPM on a generic b2c target.

Markets and targets: B2B Italy.

Total duration: from June 2012 to December 2014.


Industry: Telecommunications.

Customer: Vodafone.

Objective: request of information and activation of new ADSL customers.


Display & Real Time Bidding: campaign display paid by a CPM on the Webperformance network and in Real Time Bidding.

DEM: email marketing campaign paid by a PPC on Italian databases.

Markets and targets: b2c target.

Total duration: from April 2013 to date.


Industry: Banking

Customer: Unicredit

Objective: request for appointments at the agency for loans, express credit, Flexia credit card, My Genius bank account.

Strategy: Pay Per Lead campaign paid according to the number of appointments made at the agency.

Tools: DEM.

Markets and targets: Italy. Potential users interested in the service.

Duration: from March to May 2014, from February 2015 to date.


Industry: Insurance

Customer: Zurich Insurance

Objective: generating visits to the landing page.

Strategy: PPC campaign on the Webperformance network.

Mercati e target: Italy, b2c users between 18-50 years of age.

Durata: 3 months from October 2014


Industry: Food & beverage

Customer: Schär

Objective: increasing the number of subscribers to the Schär Club and using the Facebook fan base.

Strategy: campaign to promote the website and Facebook page, paid by PPC.

Tools: Keyword Advertising, Remarketing Display, Facebook.

Markets and targets: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Duration: from May 2011 to date.


Industry: Financial services, Leasing of capital goods and car rentals.

Customer: GE Capital.

Objective: online optimization of the new website, improving visibility on the search engines and increasing organic traffic.

Markets and targets: optimization of the website for the search engines on the Italian market.


  • 70% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous year.
  • Visibility on the first page with strategically relevant keywords for GE Capital's business.

Duration: one year.


Industry:  Energy

Customer: Estra

Objective: brand awareness.

Strategy: sponsored video ads on the Facebook newsfeed to gain visibility.

Tools: Facebook video campaign.

Markets and targets: Italian users.

Duration: May-June 2015.